I finally did it, I wrote my first post

January 14, 2013 — 1 Comment

I think it is amazing how many times I have deleted and retyped this first post on my website.  Always trying to make it “perfect” but never pushing the publish button.  I always had an excuse to why I didn’t post it.  The post had no structure. Sounding too formal or sounding stupid. What would my friends think?

As some people know, this isn’t my first experience writing a blog.  All of which had no purpose and direction. From my first blog that still can be found on Xanga to my flop of a blog on Blogger and WordPress.com.

This blog is going to have direction and purpose to it.  I have actually put some thought and time in planning some aspects of this blog.  I hope to grow my own personal brand of this and have other ideas flow from this site.

So let’s focus on what I have planned for this.  I want to at least post once a week but I am shooting for two times a week.  I want to write about topics that interest me but at the same time that they will benefit you, the reader.

I am planning on writing about technology and personal growth/self-improvement. Which are two topics I spend a lot of time researching and following.  I also believe these two topics work really well with each other especially with the wide spread use of smartphones these days.  Of course I will throw in other topics for fun.

Well here it is, in all its glory.  It has finally been written.

Question of the day: How do you think technology has changed personal growth/self-improvement?


Charles Meyer


  • I’m excited to see the blog unfold as you continue writing! I’d argue that technology has effectively diminished much of the natural cycle of self-improvement, as it provides an instant distraction, and validation for behaviors. I think it’s noticeable in many people our generation pursue entertainment above anything else. As entertainment rarely brings about growth.