I hate New Year Resolutions

January 29, 2013 — Leave a comment

January is almost over and February is right around the corner.  It’s amazing that we are done with the first month of 2013

Just like any other new year a ton of people of make New Years Resolutions, well I didn’t make any this year.  Honestly, I haven’t made a resolutions since high school.  I just have never liked the idea of making a resolution every time a new year comes around.  A few reasons why I decided I would not make a resolution is because they are an “idea” to some people, something that they come up with in their head of the ideal them.  The other reason why I don’t like them is because they are not actionable, they are just vague. I want to lose weight or get in shape. I want to get out of debt.  All very vague statements, there are no steps, no deadline, nothing to measure the progress of said statements.

Instead of having a New Year Resolution, I strive to have goals.  Goals have much more depth and purpose to them. Goals have measurable action points. They tend to have a beginning and an end with steps to take along the way.   If you planned properly, you can see your progress with goals.  I enjoy setting goals and seeing them progress over time with checkpoints along the way, kind of similar to check points in video games.  Another thing I love about goals is that you can build momentum off the original goal and use it towards other goals that can use the same skills or resources.  Some of the bloggers I have follow do this, they have their blogs and then move to making podcast and videos.

Well all this goal talk is made me want to tell you all about my current goals.  To bad I am going to wait a few days before I tell you what they are, when I hope to accomplish them and how I will be tracking them.

What is your opinion about resolutions and goals?

Charles Meyer