I like to write!

February 4, 2014 — Leave a comment

If you can remember back to days of high school, which pretty close to a decade ago for me, I had a few subjects I loved. None of which where English related. In fact it was my least favorite subject, so much that I decided to leave a majority of my English credits till my senior year. Which proved to be a challenging year.

Now fast forward a few years and I had to take a college English class.  I thought I would fail this class but I was pleasantly surprised I when I passed with a pretty good grade.  I think I got a B- in the class but I am unsure.  Since then I have started to slowly enjoy writing.

Now lets finally fast forward to the present. As I ha

ve looked through the drafts, previous post, and journal entries I have found if I don’t write for a few days I get an itch to write something.  Even if it’s ideas and thoughts that will either be in my journal or could be one of many unfinished WordPress drafts. As I write these things I want to improve my own writing with the proper grammar and punctuation yet keeping my own unique style and voice.  One day I might even write my own book.


What is one thing that you use to not like and now enjoy doing?

Charles Meyer